Adolescent Treatment

In most cases, comprehensive orthodontic treatment is done during adolescence. Sometimes it follows phase one treatment as the second phase of a two-phase treatment plan and other times it is a single phase treatment plan. In general, it is best to initiate treatment as soon as all of the baby teeth have been lost and the permanent teeth are in place. This may be as early as age ten or as late as fifteen.

At the initial consultation, Dr. Kieffer will thoroughly evaluate facial balance and any orthodontic needs your child may have. If orthodontic treatment is indicated, Dr. Kieffer will determine the best treatment options for your child as well as the optimal time to begin treatment. Kieffer Orthodontics offers many different adolescent treatment options, including the Herbst appliance, Invisalign Teen, Aligner Therapy, and various options for full braces.

The Herbst Appliance is used in place of headgear and has been extremely effective in helping to correct large overjets in growing individuals. Most adolescents are candidates for Invisalign Teen, a system of clear, virtually invisible, removable aligners that progressively straighten the teeth similar to traditional braces. At Kieffer Orthodontics, we offer many options for full braces to fit your individual needs, including clear porcelain ceramic brackets, metal brackets and self-ligating brackets.