• Sue Wright

    Dear Dr. Kieffer and Staff, I wanted to let you and your staff know that my experience with your office has been the best experience I have ever had with any dental or medical office. I don’t feel that people are told enough when they provide exceptional service and you and your staff have provided my son with just that, exceptional care! I really want to thank you for treating my son so well. He means the world to me and when he is treated well, I appreciate it very much. Everyone in your office always has a big sincere smile and are always so helpful and courteous. Your office will get all of the ‘word of mouth’ publicity I can give.

    Sincerely, Sue Wright, Carlsbad, California

  • Emily Escanlar

    Dear Dr. Kieffer, I have always wanted to write to say “thank you” for all that you have done for me. I have always suffered from neck pain, migraines and canker cores prior to meeting you. I was completely miserable most days. I couldn’t eat, had difficulty talking and was really cranky. I had been told several times by different doctors that I needed oral surgery to help me and I did not want that. After two sets of braces and three consultations from oral surgeons, my dentist recommended that I visit you. He had been told from other clients that you are the best and might be my only hope. I figured I had nothing to lose. Looking back now, it was the best advice I have received and the best decision I have ever made. After three years of braces under you and your wonderful staff’s care, I no longer suffer from TMJ. My retainers that I wear at night keep my bite in position and prevent me from grinding and biting my cheeks when I sleep. The tears you saw the day you removed my braces were totally tears of joy. No words can describe how I felt that day.

    I wish you all the best in everything, Dr. Kieffer. Once again, thank you.
    Sincerely yours, Emily Escanlar, San Marcos, California

  • Jon Gonzales

    It had been many years since my last visit to a dentist or orthodontist for that matter. So naturally, I was quite nervous about my first appointment with Dr. Kieffer. I wasn’t sure what he could do for me. I had a gap about the width of a straw and thought it was hopeless to close it. Dr. Kieffer and his staff were both friendly and professional. I always looked forward to my visits. Dr. Kieffer gave me the smile I only dreamed about having. I couldn’t be more pleased with my results. If I had to do it all over again Dr. Kieffer would be my one and only choice.

    Thanks, Dr. Kieffer. – Jon Gonzales, Oceanside, California

  • Pamela Ryan

    Dr. Kieffer was my daughter’s orthodontist. I was so happy with the staff, their service, and Dr. Kieffer’s care that when my teeth started shifting, I went to him, too. I am a work in progress, still using my retainers to correct and maintain my teeth. The office is a joy to visit. The staff is professional, efficient, and friendly. Even as a patient, I pick up on the “family” feel and camaraderie between all of them. Most of all, I appreciate Dr. Kieffer’s expertise and willingness to address my individual needs.

    – Pamela Ryan, Encinitas, California

  • Jessica D

    I am so happy with the services provided by Dr. Kieffer and his staff. They are professional and friendly. I have seen excellent results so far in my treatment and am looking forward to the end result. I was referred by my dentist and am so lucky I found this orthodontist! He has easy payment plans and the office is always clean and has the cutest décor I’ve ever seen at a dental office. Get a free consultation, you won’t be disappointed. Also, Dr. Kieffer told me a large percentage of his patients are adults.

    – Jessica D., Pacific Beach, California

  • Bari Evans

    My son is a patient of Dr. Kieffers. From the first day we entered his office I was impressed by his happy, hard-working staff. Everyone was kind and very helpful. From the first consultation, to the day my son had his braces removed, he was treated like an adult which I really liked since he had the responsibility of following the directions that were given to him. I found the office staff very cooperative if we needed to switch around appointment times as well as very efficient when it came to processing our insurance claims. Dr. Kieffer has a friendly way about him that makes everyone comfortable and he takes the time to explain things to you. Overall, we were very pleased with our entire experience and now my son has a beautiful set of teeth!

    – Bari Evans, Encinitas, California

  • Casey and the Jacobs

    Dear Dr. Kieffer, Dee and Staff, Thank you guys so much for an awesome 2 years down here 🙂 It has been so fun and we love you all! I love my teeth too! We will definitely be recommending you and hope to see you a lot around our community. Of course, I will stop in every once in a while when you are working on Matt’s teeth 🙂 Love you guys so much and thank you so much.

    Love, Casey and the Jacobs 🙂