OUR MISSION at Kieffer Orthodontics is to provide top quality services that bring outstanding results and beautiful smiles. Our highly experienced, professional team is dedicated to creating a great experience for our patients in a relaxed and friendly environment. We understand that every individual’s orthodontic treatment needs are unique and Dr. Kieffer feels it is extremely important to provide our patients with a custom treatment plan that will best suit his or her individual needs.

Dr. Kieffer continues to implement the latest technological advances in the industry to provide our patients with top-quality care that produces the best possible results. We offer a variety of treatment options for early treatment, adolescent treatment and adult treatment as well as Airway Assessment and Invisalign!

TREATING THE AIRWAY: Dr. Kieffer feels it is very important for an orthodontist to screen for airway problems.  Airway issues can have a great impact on the overall health of an individual.  They present themselves with common symptoms like grinding, bed wetting, snoring, restless sleep and tiredness during the day, hyperactivity and ADHD.  

Dr Kieffer screens for structures that may be blocking the airway such as tonsils, adenoids, soft palette and posterior tongue.  Dr Kieffer always incorporates treatment techniques that will expand the airway volume. 

EARLY TREATMENT: At Kieffer Orthodontics, Phase I treatment is typically performed at an early age, usually between the years of four and nine. The main purpose of Phase I treatment is to work with the growth and correct early problems such as a constricted palate, improper bite or crooked teeth. Dr Kieffer’s main objectives are to create enough room for the permanent teeth to erupt and to address any habits that may negatively impact the development of the permanent teeth.

Phase I treatment often involves the use of expanders, which are used to widen the upper or lower jaw and can often eliminate the need for future removal of permanent teeth. Treatment time is typically short in duration as the objectives are limited due to the dynamics of a growing individual. A retainer is then used to hold the teeth in place until the permanent teeth have erupted.

ADOLESCENT TREATMENT: In most cases, comprehensive orthodontic treatment is done during adolescence. Sometimes it follows phase one treatment as the second phase of a two-phase treatment plan and other times it is a single phase treatment plan. In general, it is best to initiate treatment as soon as all of the baby teeth have been lost and the permanent teeth are in place. This may be as early as age ten or as late as fifteen. At the initial consultation, Dr. Kieffer will thoroughly evaluate facial balance and any orthodontic needs your child may have. If orthodontic treatment is indicated, Dr. Kieffer will determine the best treatment options for your child as well as the optimal time to begin treatment.

Kieffer Orthodontics offers many different adolescent treatment options, including the Herbst appliance, Invisalign Teen, Aligner Therapy, and various options for full braces. The Herbst Appliance is used in place of headgear and has been extremely effective in helping to correct large overjets in growing individuals.

Most adolescents are candidates for Clear Aligners Teen, a system of clear, virtually invisible, removable aligners that progressively straighten the teeth similar to traditional braces. At Kieffer Orthodontics, we offer many options for full braces to fit your individual needs,including clear porcelain ceramic brackets, metal brackets and self-ligating brackets.

ADULT TREATMENT: Orthodontic therapy is an appropriate option for both children and adults alike. At Kieffer Orthodontics, approximately 40% of our clientele are adults. Orthodontic treatment can improve the health of your mouth and correct misaligned teeth as well as a bite that does not meet correctly. A misaligned bite can be a large contributor to gum and bone loss, tooth decay, abnormal wear of tooth enamel, headaches, and Temoporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ).

At Kieffer Orthodontics, we utilize new and innovative techniques and appliances which help to reduce discomfort, lessen the frequency of office visits and shorten your overall treatment time. We offer various treatment options to fit your individual needs, including metal, ceramic and self-ligating brackets, aligner therapy and Invisalign. During your complimentary examination, we will determine the best treatment options for you. At this time, we will outline your treatment plan and discuss financial options that will fit your personal needs.

INVISALIGN is a way to straighten your teeth without wearing braces. It is comprised of a series of clear trays called “aligners” that fit smoothly and comfortably on your teeth.

The trays can be easily removed for eating, brushing and flossing and perhaps best of all, they are virtually invisible. Once treatment is initiated, you will be scheduled to see Dr. Kieffer approximately every six weeks.

A complimentary consultation with Dr. Kieffer will help you determine if Invisalign is right for you. Once you begin treatment, you will be able to view your own virtual treatment plan on the computer so you can see how your teeth will look when your treatment is complete.

Dr. Kieffer is recognized as an Invisalign Elite Provider. This provider status is awarded to doctors who have achieved an extraordinary level of case experience and training with Invisalign. In addition, Dr. Kieffer continues to use new and innovative treatments in combination with Invisalign therapy to achieve results previously thought unattainable.